How To Find The Best Monitor For Adventure Games

How To Find The Best Monitor For Adventure Games

The adventure gaming genre requires a great display, especially if the game is meant for immersion and exploration because otherwise, you won't feel the stakes being so high. Below is a list of the main features that make a top-notch monitor for adventure games. 


4K Ultra-HD resolution  

With a resolution of 3840x2160 four times as sharp as 1080p, every detail comes to life, making for a more immersive gaming experience. If you've never played adventure games on a 4K display, you're missing out on how the sky and nature look much more realistic and how the characters 'pop'. Say goodbye to pixelated fuzz. 


High Refresh Rate  

Higher refresh rates will provide you with a stutter-free game, and ideally, you should be playing with nothing less than 120Hz. The most demanding adventure games paired with a modern GPU will utilize the higher refresh rates, while you play the game you're also in for a beautiful and smooth visual journey throughout. Fast-paced action and combat scenes noticeably eliminate screen tearing, and you'll never miss a frame or an enemy. Some would argue that high refresh rate is the most important thing for gaming. 


High Dynamic Range   

HDR-capable monitors provide a much wider range of brightness, colors, and tones. The result is an image that's closer to what your eyes can see in real life. If you're playing an adventure game that takes place during the day, HDR will make the sun look less like a big yellow blob and more like a star that's shining down on you. During the night, the blacks will stay black while preserving the brightness of the artificial lights. It sounds simple but results in a significant difference that makes for a more believable gaming world. High dynamic range noticeably brings the life out of a game. 


Color accuracy 

Color is one of the most important aspects of any display, especially while playing an adventure game. It creates immersion, it can make a scene more realistic, and it pulls you into the game world. A great monitor will have great color accuracy, meaning the colors you see on-screen are exactly how they're meant to look - vivid, and vibrant. Look for numbers at least 100% sRGB or close to 100% DCI-P3. Delta E (ΔE) number should be lower than 2 for an acceptable result. In addition, individual calibration is the ultimate benefit that makes sure your display is measured before it ships because not all displays will turn out the same. 


Gaming features 

Nowadays, there are monitors that are specifically tuned for gaming. These displays have all the features we've mentioned above and more. They're also often bundled with extra gaming-related certifications such as G-Sync, FreeSync compatibility, special gaming modes, low input lag, and customizable overdrive functions. For the complete package, there are not a lot of monitors that offer all-in-one. So, you should read the tech specs and reviews before you bring one home.  



If you're looking for the ultimate immersive adventure gaming experience, look no further than the Spectrum 4K 144Hz. With amazing sharp visual clarity, smoothness, premium certifications, HDR, color accuracy, and presets tuned for gaming, any adventure will come to life right in front of you thanks to the time-consuming product development offering both ultimate form and function. With no features overlooked, the Spectrum 4K 144Hz (now available in glossy and matte coating) will ultimately make you feel like the gaming adventures are good-looking, immersive, and overall, just fun to play.  

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