Get Ahead in the Game with These 3 Unique Features on the Dough Spectrum

Get Ahead in the Game with These 3 Unique Features on the Dough Spectrum

The Dough Spectrum monitors offer a wide range of advanced features to enhance your gaming experience. Among these features, there are three in particular that you should be using to get the most out of your monitor: backlight strobing, pixel-perfect integer-ratio upscaling, and an on-screen FPS counter and crosshair. 

Backlight Strobing 

Backlight strobing is a popular feature in gaming monitors that aims to improve image clarity and reduce motion blur by rapidly switching the monitor's backlight on and off. This technique works by synchronizing the backlight strobe with the refresh rate of the monitor, effectively hiding the transition between frames from the human eye. 

The Dough Spectrum monitor offers advanced backlight strobing options, including a variety of presets and the ability for users to fully adjust this feature, either directly on the monitor or through a desktop tuning utility. This allows for a personalized experience, as the ideal settings can vary between units and even change based on factors such as temperature 

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For the most demanding gamers, backlight strobing, especially when tuned for your unique unit, can provide a noticeable improvement in motion clarity, especially in fast-paced games where motion blur and ghosting can be a major issue. In a game like Call of Duty or Valorant, backlight strobing can make it easier to track a target when aiming thanks to the improved clarity and reduced motion artifacts. 

Pixel-Perfect Upscaling 

Pixel-perfect integer-ratio upscaling is an essential feature for gamers who love playing retro games or games with a low native resolution. This feature allows the monitor to upscale these games to its native resolution, while maintaining the original aspect ratio and avoiding image distortion. This means that you'll be able to experience these games in high-definition, with the crisp and clear image that the developers intended. 

While some emulators, game engines, and even graphics drivers offer upscaling features, they often use upscaling algorithms that introduce distortion and lead to a blurry image. Having the upscaling process built into the monitor allows for a more consistent and reliable experience, especially since you won't be adding extra processing load on your computer, which can help maintain a smooth gaming experience without any added lag. The monitor will be doing all the heavy lifting, leaving your computer free to focus on running the game. 

Crosshair and FPS Counter 

The adjustable crosshair overlay and FPS counter on the Dough Spectrum monitors are two additional features that are highly beneficial for gamers. Crosshairs are an essential tool for aiming in first-person shooter games, but not all games have crosshairs built-in for all weapons or the ones provided may not be adequate. With the adjustable crosshair overlay, gamers have the option to add a custom crosshair that suits their personal preference and playstyle. This feature provides an added level of precision and accuracy that can be the difference between winning or losing a game. 

The FPS (frames per second) counter is another useful tool for gamers, as it provides real-time information about the performance of your system and the game. The FPS counter can help identify performance issues and indicate whether the system is struggling to keep up with the game, which can help users fine-tune their graphics settings in-game to achieve the ideal performance. Since every advantage you can get in competitive games is incredibly valuable, having this information in view can be a very useful tool. 

User-Upgradeable Firmware 

As a bonus, the Dough Spectrum line of monitors offers user-upgradeable firmware, which allows you to update the monitor's firmware long after it’s produced, giving you access to new features in the market that can improve your gaming experience. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend taking a look at the firmware updates available for your monitor and checking if any new features you’d like to have one your monitor have been added. 

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