Dough launches Spectrum monitor and its iconic stand in Amazon's U.S. Stores.  

Dough launches Spectrum monitor and its iconic stand in Amazon's U.S. Stores.  

World's Community-powered Hardware Creator Broadens Distribution Channels and Expands Brand Awareness  


We are excited to announce that our Spectrum 4K 144Hz Matte and Spectrum's iconic stand are now available for purchase on Amazon U.S., with monitor delivery available to most of the United States. Arrives before Christmas!

Before today, Dough's products and accessories were sold exclusively through the brand's e-commerce site and accredited global retailers. This collaboration allows Dough to expand its distribution and immediately engage prospective customers in a new channel for the brand, making products and accessories more readily accessible in Amazon stores. Customers can search for the products in Amazon stores to see if they are available for purchase and delivery in their area. 

The initiative is one of the strategic moves among efforts that our team has been focusing on this year to cut off shipping time and make our products widely accessible. Being a community-powered brand since the very first day, we've been listening to our community members' advice in the majority of decisions that we're making in our business. Many community members have asked us to be available on Amazon because that's where they shop and where it's most convenient. Thus, expanding our distribution channels through Amazon is a natural extension of our business and an organic way to increase access to our brand. Providing additional opportunities to expose people to Dough is a clear next step as we expand our reach and bring outstanding products built from a great community of gaming enthusiasts to a broader gaming audience. 

As part of the Amazon experience, the Spectrum monitor will be available with free shipping service, which is available in most of the U.S.  

Dough products available at launch will include: 

    • Spectrum 4K 144Hzhas an ultra-fast refresh rate of 1ms and a 4K display for crystal-clear picture quality, making it the ultimate work-and-play monitor. By crowd-developing the Spectrum gaming monitor together with a community of gaming enthusiasts, we can create Spectrum 4K 144Hz that advances your gaming experience through unique functions, a huge amount of connectivity, and integer scaling for retro gaming. Priced at $949 at launch. Free Shipping.  
    • Spectrum Stand: elegant yet sturdy, the Spectrum Stand provides solid support without taking up too much space. The wide range of adjustments lets you set up your monitor for maximum comfort. Since 41% of our community preferred to use the monitor with their own VESA mount, we offer the iconic Spectrum Stand separately. That way, you pay only for what you need and nothing extra.


Head out to Amazon to check out and give yourself the best gift this holiday season: 

- Spectrum 4K 144Hz: Amazon link 

- Spectrum Stand: Amazon link


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